#WAWUA – Animated Series from ALMA
Animated Series

#WAWUA – Animated Series from ALMA

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Can you imagine learning about the mysteries of the Universe through attractive animations?

With #WAWUA it is possible! In short episodes, which last two minutes each, this animated series explains how ALMA uses 66 antennas as though they were one single antenna, how it sees the invisible and captures the presence of complex molecules in far away interstellar clouds to discover our cosmic origins in the most remote corners of the Cosmos.

Episode XI

Episode X

Episode IX

Episode VIII

Episode VII

Episode VI

Episode V

Episode IV

Episode III

Episode II

Episode I

These drawings by María Côrrea-Mendes are part of the series storyboards, which help the production team imagine the final product before making it. María created these during her internship at ALMA as part of her masters program in scientific outreach at the Universidad Nova in Lisbon, Portugal. Credit: María Corrêa-Mendes et al. – ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO).