• ALMA witness stellar growth spurt

  • ‘Hole in the ALMA sky’ is produced by hot cluster gas

  • Baby stars blow away their nursery

  • Introducing DeeDee, the Distant Dwarf

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ALMA witness stellar growth spurt

Have you ever experienced a growth spurt? Three times within a year or so, you need new T-shirts or new shoes, just because you’re growing

‘Hole in the ALMA sky’ is produced by hot cluster gas

Do you see the large ‘hole’ in this ALMA image? It looks as if someone cut a circular hole in a blue veil, with a

Clean gaps hint at new planets

If you don’t clean your room, dust will settle everywhere. The same is true for space. Young stars are surrounded by flat disks of gas

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How are ALMA’s antennas connected?

Your eyes are connected to your brain through thick bundles of nerve cells. These optic nerves transfer the signals from your two retinas to your

Is there a lot to see?

ALMA is located in the Atacama Desert. When thinking about a desert, you probably imagine a vast, boring stretch of hot sand, with the occasional

How do stars and planets form?

You live on a planet, called Earth. Together with seven other planets, Earth circles around the Sun. As far as we know, Earth is the