• Did life originate in space?

  • How do stars and planets form?

  • When were the first galaxies born?

  • How do solar explosions work?

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Interstellar storm prevents birth of new stars

Stars like the Sun are big balls of glowing gas. They are born from clouds of gas and dust. Gravity causes those clouds to contract

Is there a young ‘Earth’ forming in between colliding ‘Plutos’?

Did you ever wonder where the Earth came from? A few billion years ago, it slowly grew from dust in the newborn solar system.

ALMA witnesses birth of stellar baby twins

Our sun is a single star. It lives out its life all by itself. But the majority of stars in the universe are twins: two

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What are millimeter waves?

If your ears are good, you can hear very high tones. Children’s ears are usually better than the ears of grown-ups. So you might be

Do astronomers live at ALMA?

If you hold your breath for too long, you will die. Your body needs the oxygen in the air. Without getting enough oxygen, you can’t

How are ALMA images created?

ALMA measures millimeter waves from the sky. These millimeter waves are emitted by cold dust clouds in the Universe. The clouds are so cold that