• ‘Hidden’ gas found in distant starburst galaxies

  • ALMA sniffs out atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan

  • ALMA finds evidence for baby planets around a young star

  • ALMA sets a dusty distance record

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ALMA sees rubble ring from planet-forming process

Planets around other stars are hard to spot. In most cases, they are just too small. But a planetary system can betray its existence in

Spiral-in-a-gap hints at one or two planets around young star

Astronomers have detected a beautiful spiral pattern in the disk of material around a young star. It looks like the gas in the disk is

Distant dust belt may hint at as-yet-undiscovered planet

ALMA has imaged a broad band of dust and pebbles around a distant star. There’s one problem, though: the inner edge of the band lies

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Where is Chajnantor?

ALMA is the biggest astronomical observatory on Earth. It was built by countries in North America, Europe and East Asia. You might expect that ALMA

How are ALMA images created?

ALMA measures millimeter waves from the sky. These millimeter waves are emitted by cold dust clouds in the Universe. The clouds are so cold that

Is there a lot to see?

ALMA is located in the Atacama Desert. When thinking about a desert, you probably imagine a vast, boring stretch of hot sand, with the occasional