• Disc gaps hint at planet formation

  • Tiny star has giant flares

  • Baby Pictures of a Solar System

  • Hot DOG galaxy boils itself away

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Disc gaps hint at planet formation

Young stars are surrounded by flat discs of gas and dust. Over time, the material in these discs clumps together to form planets. But the

Tiny star has giant flares

Have you ever heard about solar flares? A solar flare is a giant explosion on the surface of the Sun. It blows dangerous particles into

Baby Pictures of a Solar System

Talk about your ultimate baby picture. Astronomers have snapped a new photograph showing new planets being born around a distant young star! This spectacular space

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Did life originate in space?

Did you know that you are made of star stuff? It’s true! Many of the atoms in your body were created in other stars. It’s

How does ALMA see ‘invisible light’?

Look around you. You see the text you are reading right now. You see the room where you’re sitting in. Outside the window, you may

What are millimeter waves?

If your ears are good, you can hear very high tones. Children’s ears are usually better than the ears of grown-ups. So you might be