Follow ALMA's discoveries along with Talma!

Follow ALMA's discoveries along with Talma!

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We have just launched a new series of chapters sharing the adventures of the stars of ALMA Kids: Talma and her astronomer friend Mathias, who will take you through the discoveries of the largest radio telescope in the world, with simple and entertaining explanations.

These new comics are the end product of David Fernández' internship as audiovisual communicator, specializing in scripts, at UNIACC University. David, together with the observatory's Communications and Outreach team, have breathed new life into Talma and her friends. Be sure not to miss a single discovery by following them on our social media and our website for kids,!

Other languages available:

Spanish, Chinese, Italian.

New Chapter:

Chapter 22: The Birth of New Moons

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 1: The Reunion

Chapter 2 : Newborn Planets

Chapter 3: Long-distance Record

Chapter 4: How Does ALMA Observe?

Chapter 5: A Titan-Ic Atmosphere

Chapter 6: Asteroid Day

Chapter 7: Spying On A Neighbor

Chapter 8: A Binary Star

Chapter 9: The Bubble Star

Chapter 10: Cosmic Detectives

Chapter 11: The Time Machine

Chapter 12: Climate in Space

Chapter 13: The Distant Dwarf

Chapter 14: The Cosmic Magnifying Glass

Chapter 15: Not-So-Gigantic Galaxies

Chapter 16: The Snow Line

Chapter 17: Spongy Seeds

Chapter 18: Sugar in Space

Chapter 19: Solar Eclipse

Chapter 20: The First Picture of a Black Hole

Chapter 21: A Monstrous Star Factory!