Welcome #WAWUA – A New Animated Series from ALMA

Can you imagine learning about the mysteries of the Universe through attractive animations? With #WAWUA it is possible! In short episodes, which last two minutes each, this animated series explains how ALMA uses 66 antennas as though they were one single antenna, how it sees the invisible and captures the presence of complex molecules in far away interstellar clouds to

ALMA Kids Art Gallery

The electromagnetic spectrum

The Sun emits light. Sunlight appears white, but it consists of different colors, as can be seen in the rainbow. Every color has its own wavelength: red waves of lights are longer than violet waves of light. But there’s more than the visible colors of the rainbow. Scientists have discovered many forms of invisible light. For instance, infrared light (‘heat

ALMA Kids Art Gallery

Comic: Talma & ALMA

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Array Operations Site (AOS) View on Google Street View Operations Support Facility (OSF) View on Google Street View

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